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Casinos and Bollywood

The era of Hindi film industry have changed a lot from past few years and now Bollywood is making its place and is by far one of the largest film industries in the world. This Hindi film industry has to make a connection with everything that makes the film interesting and worth seeing. In recent years Bollywood has great connection with casinos and various other gambling affairs. Together, they make a great and long history, which is still continuing and now has turned this into a never ending process. Bollywood has a lot to do with things like casinos and gambling as the screenplay of the film need to be embellished with some exciting categories such as casinos. Bollywood has had a fascination with gamblers and various casino and gambling themes. This theme of casino reveals the larger idea to portray a gambling game in any movie. As far as the usage of this theme is concerned so, these casino and gambling themes are generally, portrayed in movies wherein the director has to add glamour and money making aspects. Usually, such kind of casino movies are thriller or action based. One will rarely, find a casino or gambling games in romantic movies.

Bollywood gambling movies:

Hindi film industry is gradually, growing up and trying to set the standards of Hollywood as it made successful movies about everyday. Recently Hindi film industry has revealed their gambling standards and thoughts by making some great movies based on the theme of gambling or they might have inculcated some major aspects of casinos. These movies not only show the image of gambling and casino but also deal with other gambling aspects like horse racing, lottery, casinos, and of course betting.

Some great Bollywood movies:

The success story of some of the great movies can be expressed in a way that these movies make use of the casino and gambling theme. Movies like 36 China Town and Jannat are two top rated movies as far as gambling and casino is concerned. These movies show a glimpse of glamor in them and thus; portray the concept of earning easy money through gambling.

  • 36 China Town:

This is a contemporary suspense thriller movie. This movie makes use of the gambling paradise “Hollywood casino”. The casino is a kind of epicenter of all the happenings in the storyline. This is a high voltage murder mystery. In this movie there were two characters named KK and Natwar who were both addicted to gambling and they lost all the money. Although, it has been promoted as suspense thriller but it lacks the high-impact suspense quotient. This shows that the Bollywood directors always try and add something fanatic like casinos and gambling to make the storyline more impressive.

  • Jannat:

This movie also revolves around a guy named Arjun who was reluctant to make money through hard labor. This option of making money never suited him and thus; he involved himself in various shortcuts to get huge money. As far as gambling is concerned, this movie is closely related to various gambling aspects. The film is made in the line of gambling and match-fixing. As far as the storyline is concerned, Arjun aims to become a millionaire by getting huge sum of money. He initially earned his living by playing cards with his friends. His life goes on and one day he met a girl whom he fell in love with. He then gradually, stepped into the massive world of match-fixing. He then shifted his base to South Africa and became a bookie. These are some of the gambling aspects shown in this film. It shows that how a man can take up shortcuts of evil means to make gigantic amount of money.

Bollywood Actors those who indulge in real life gambling:

There are many Bollywood actors those who get themselves involved in playing various casino games and some who don’t play but, inaugurate casinos in different countries.

  • Recently, a Bollywood star inaugurated Nepal’s newest casino. She is Urmila Matondkar. This great actress inaugurated casino Shangrilla, which is the newest addition in the gaming facility in Nepal.
  • Stars like Raj Babbar love to try something different and he often gambles for real money.

Casino and Hollywood

Picture this- a dashing muscular framed man in a great tux is making his moves on the betting table, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls in a lavish casino. This is one of the most favorite themes of Hollywood minds. Hollywood and casinos have a long history and casinos have provided quite a lot of fodder for many milestone movies. Hollywood till today has shown an amazing comfort level in handling movies with casino themes. Stories and climaxes revolving around casinos have always been liked because it etches the common man’s dreams to be in such locales. Casinos have all the ingredients for a typical Hollywood thriller- action, suspense, glamorous girls, deceit, winning stories. Card counters and Hollywood seem to go hand in hand.

The Name is Bond
When you think of James Bond, the classy British agent, his antics in the casino can’t be left behind. Casinos have been a perpetual favorite of Bond movies with Bond being shown in the casino backdrop in quite a few of the series. Casino Royale (2006) deals mostly with the casino theme. Interestingly, this was the first novel written by Ian Fleming and Bond debuts in a casino backdrop. Here, Bond is in a mission to bet and defeat an evil banker, Le Chiffre in a poker tournament. The entire poker scene is done minutely to perfection and manages to keep the audience on the edge throughout. Baccarat happens to be a personal favorite of Bond. Diamonds are Forever (1975) starring Sean Connery is also memorable for its casino scenes.

Top Casino Movies
here have been dozens and dozens of casino movies. Of these, some remain the eternal favorite of all. In the film Ocean’s Eleven, the character Danny Ocean in collaboration with his 10-member team plan a heist to rob three Las Vegas casinos at the same time. The Gambler (1974), where the lead role is played by James Caan, is a realistic portrayal of a gambler’s life that turns desperate. Rounders (1998) featuring Paul Newman and Edward Norton is another name worth mentioning. The story is about a reformed gambler (Matt Damon) who is forced to gamble again by playing big stakes poker in order to help out a friend who has to pay off loan sharks. The depiction of the secret of gambling empire among mobsters makes Casino (1995), by cinema genius Martin Scorsese, a classic casino flick. It shows both the glittering side of casino as well its gritty and cruel side. It is a feisty incarnation of mob involvement in the casinos during the 1970s and 80s. Viva Las Vegas (1963) starring Elvis Presley is one of the all-time casino classics. His crooning on Vegas defines casino moments.
Nicholas Cage starred in two great casino movies titled Honeymoon in Vegas (1992) and Leaving Las Vegas (1995). Among the rib-ticklers, the 1996 smash hit Swingers score the most. The chronicles of Mike and his bachelor friends across Vegas are unforgettable. The most recent project to join tinsel town’s list of casino movies is 21. It is based on the famous MIT group of the 1990s who used legal card counting methods to sweep huge stakes.
Celebrities & Real Life Casino
Since film stars are associated with everything glamorous, so can casino be left far behind? Stars are great gambling aficionados. In the face of the recent ban in the US, many celebrities have appealed for liberal laws. Rocky Balboa star, Sylvester Stallone has appealed to the Pennsylvania state to allow casino license in his hometown. Casino marketing companies frequently use celebrities because they are a sure bet to put across their message. They take their star-appeal to the luxurious casinos as well. There are stars who gamble in order to raise money while there are some who gamble for fun.
George Clooney, who has been the star of gambling movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve, had recently invested an unknown sum in a $3 billion Las Vegas resort. He is also the co-owner of Las Ramblas, casino-hotel-condominium complex.
Ben Affleck has seen stunning luck in his casino ventures and is a regular at the poker scene. He even won a poker tournament in 2004 beating 90 other poker players. Superstar Matt Damon was part of Rounders, one of the best gambling movies ever made and hence he is no stranger to the world of gambling. His passion for gambling is a well-know facet about the actor and he even endorses online gaming sites.
Tobey Maguire, our very own Spidey, also regularly partakes in gambling tournaments, especially poker and goes home quite the winner. Other famous celebrity gamblers are Matthew Perry, Jennifer Tilly, James Woods and many more.
The Casino Effect
Good gambling movies have been able to spread positive bytes for gambling and have attracted a host of talented players. But some casino motion pictures have also been able to draw attention to the aspect of problem gambling with fitting adaptations.

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Crap Playing Strategies

The Procedure for Playing Craps

Craps is one of the most enlivening games, which is played by most of the gambling lovers in various land-based and online casinos. It is basically, a dice game that is played against some other player or a bank. There are generally, two different kinds of craps. One are the street craps and the other one are the bank craps. In this game a player may wager money against each other, which is known as the street crap or against the bank. This is one of the most famous casino table games. As far as the procedure of playing this game is concerned it is actually very simple to play. Most importantly you need to understand the basics and terminologies of each and every game first in order to pursue it further.

Basics to play Craps:

Every game has its own strategies and terminologies. For a person to grab the functionality of a game it’s very important for him to get a hang of the words or probably the methodologies of the game. As far as the basics are concerned, this game contains a pair of dice, a roller and you need to bet on the outcome of each roll. The bets in this game can even be placed before the beginning of the game. There are generally, three kinds of bets placed in this game. These are the pass line, don’t pass line and field bets. This is a wonderful and a profitable game for every casino player. There is a specified procedure of playing bets in this game. There are about 40 different bets that can be played on the layout of this game.

How to start the Game:

1. Pass line bet - Initially to start off with the game all you need to understand is the basic pass line bet. This is the kind of basic wager of craps. This is even money bet that wins if you either roll a total of 7 or eleven. This is for the out come roll. This line bet loses if your come out roll is a 2, 3, or 12. For that matter if the pass line bet is successfully completed by you then you get another chance to roll the dice again. This bet can be made anytime during a shooter’s roll, even after he has established his point.

2. Taking the odds – The odds bet is one of the best bets that a wager can make in this casino game. This is because the house has no built-in advantage. There are casinos, which permits you to make double odds even.

3. Correct odds payoffs - If points 4 and 10, then you have to pay 2 to 1. Similarly, points 5 and 9, then the payoffs have to be 3 to 2. Last but not the least for the points 6 and 8 the odd payoffs are 6 to 5.

4. Come bets – This bet is similar to the pass line bet. But, it has only one exception. One can make this bet on every throw of the dice however; this can only be done once the shooter has established his point. This bet is made by placing the amount of chips you wish to wager.

5. Don’t pass line bet – This bet wins when the shooter throws craps of either 2 or 3 but not 12.

These are some of the craps strategies that are to be kept in mind before getting involved you into this game.

Fastest Online Casino Game in the World

The online casino games has taken the world of gambling by storm. This is an age where time happens to be the most precious asset, as few can afford to waste it. There are many who wish to indulge in a little bit of gambling, but the constraints of time gives a full stop to such a wish. Online casino games come to the rescue in such situations. A person may not visit a brick and mortar casino and can still enjoy the same thrill from where he is sitting at the moment. In fact, faster the game is, better the chances are of people playing the game.

The popularity of slot machines has a lot to do with its simple rules and fast execution. You can go on to the next stage without having to waste a lot of time on the previous. All it takes is placing the bet and pulling the handle or, rather pressing the button in the online version case. The fun in watching the reels spin thereafter and the agonizing wait over a few seconds is well worth it. Contrary to popular myths that online casino games rarely pay, online slots offer rewarding jackpot figures. No wonder, slots have been rated the fastest online game in the world.

The internet world has thousands of websites devoted to providing slot machine games. The rules are almost similar in most of them, which is why one can easily start off. An advantage of online slots is that players don’t have to fear losing their machines. They can take breaks and come back to the game anytime they want to. Though it is purely a game of chance, gamblers have devised strategies to make favorable conditions. There are different types of slot machine games like Saturday Night Live, Gilligan’s Island, $1 Million Pyramid, The Price is Right, Beverley Hillbillies and many more that the industry keeps coming with at regular intervals.
As in any gambling game, money management forms a crux of the game. If you let go of your emotions then there is the possibility that you might just lose everything. Hence, one of the most important forewarnings of the rules of gambling is that one should gamble only that amount which one can afford to lose. In order to enjoy the game thoroughly without incurring any heavy losses one may retire from slots before it evens out. A beginning with minimum stake investment is helpful. Every time one loses, one may increase the stake and similarly play minimum stakes every time one registers a win. If shortage of cash is the immediate problem, then it would be wise to play a machine where single unit values are lower.
Online slots are the kind of games that is packed with all the right ingredients for fun, pleasure and complete exuberance. Moreover, its ranking as one of the fastest online casino games in the world gives it an edge in terms of popularity.

The Casino Glossary contd.


Bankroll – The total amount of money that you are playing with.

Bluff – A trick of raising a weak or insignificant hand to try and compel the other players out of the game.

Burn Card - The card that is removed from the deck before dealing one to the community cards.

Baccarat - A table game played with 6 or 8 decks of cards.

Banca Francesa - French Bank in English, A common dice game Portuguese casinos.

Banker – The dealer in card games. In some games, each player takes turns to become the banker/dealer.

Barred – Banned from the casino premises permanently.

Beef – A dispute on the outcome of a bet

Bet – Stake, Wager.

Betting Limits – The maximum and minimum bets that you have to place on a table during each round.

Bingo - A game of chance in which players buy cards with numbers and have to fit the respective numbers on a pattern of differently numbered squares. The first player to mark a complete pattern wins.

Black Book - The list of objectionable people who are banned from entering any casino in Nevada.

Blind Bet – A bet posted without seeing the cards (Poker).

Blinds - A forced wage in Hold'em Poker.

Brit Brag - A three card poker game, with variations.

Bonus – Extra money given in online casinos so as to attract more players.

Boule (La Boule) – Also known as the "little game". A simplified version of Roulette, fashionable in French casinos.

Boxing - A single ticket comprising of more than one parlay (Horse racing).

Break-Even Point – The point at which if you played without end the bets you would have made would be roughly equal to the payoffs you receive.

Brick – A card that does not help a player’s poker hand.

Buck - A hundred dollar wager.

Bug - A joker.

Bump - To raise

Burn Cards – Remove cards from the deck so that they are not in circulation after a shuffle and cut.

Buy in, Buy-in - Converting money into chips. The minimum amount required to purchase casino chips before playing a table game.

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Food Fiesta for Casino Party

A casino party is a great initiative for an individual to get along with friends and other relatives. Organizing a casino party does not require much effort. The topmost point in your party should be food. Food and drinks can be a major attraction of your casino theme party. This is something that would make the party rock. You can select various snacks that can be served hot. You will find lot of snacks available in the market. For that matter vegetarian egg roll is a good choice.

There are people who p
refer only vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, so you have to categorize the food items as per their choice. Initially you can start your party by offering some of these snacks and you can keep candy, chips and drinks handy throughout the room. You can even stoke your guest’s appetite by offering them something spicy.

An awesome menu is ver
y important for a casino party to get successful. In order to plan a perfect menu, you can jot down the favorite dishes of your guests. After you have served snacks to your guests you then have to move to the main course menu. Some of the main course recipes that you can actually go ahead and prepare are Terrine of Smoked Salmon With Crab, Chinese Crispy Duck, Bread Pudding With Spiced Rum, Claims Casino and Tater Tots With Truffles. These are some of the dishes that can turn your casino party into a rocking one.

Crispy Chicken Duck:

The ingredients are as follows: one 1-5 pound duck, 1 tablespoon of grated ginger, 2 ounces of rice wine vinegar, ¼ cup honey, a small onion quartered, 1 tablespoon of miso and salt and pepper according to your taste.
• You need to preheat the oven at a temperature of 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
• The outer part of the duck is to be rubbed with salt and then pepper is to be sprinkled over its skin.
• Now you need to roast the duck in a pan. If you are roasting it in a shallow pan then make sure that you drain the fat out of the pan at regular intervals.
• Place the duck in the pre
-heated oven for about 15 minutes.
• After 15 min you can turn the oven down to 350 degrees. This makes the duck’s skin crispier.
• Now mix rice wine vinegar, honey, grated ginger, and miso in a sauce pan to make the glaze. You have to boil the ingredients.
• After the glaze has been boiled reduce the flame in order to make it thicker.
• Now after the duck as been cooked for 45 minutes or so then you have to mix it with the glaze.
• This process of glazing the duck is to be continued every 10 minutes.
• When your thermometer shows the reading of 180 degrees this means that your dish is ready. Enjoy the dish with miso soup and you can serve it with Chinese pancakes.

Bread Pudding with Spiced Rum Sauce:

The ingredients for this particular recipe is as follows: 8 large eggs, 1
teaspoon vanilla extract, 3 ½ cups of whole milk, 2 cups sugar, 1 cup golden raisins, 1 ½ cups of whipping cream and 11 pound loaf cinnamon challah or cinnamon swirl bread, cut into 1-inch.
Preparation of Bread Pudding is as follows:
• Apply butter in a 13x9x2 inch glass baking dish.
• Take a large bowl and whisk the eggs in it to blend.
• In this add milk, vanilla, sugar and cream and blend the ingredients well.
• This mixture is to be stirred in bread and raisins.
• Pour this mixture into a baking dish and refrigerate the dish by covering it.
• Now you have to preheat of your oven to 350 degree Fahrenheit and don’t uncover the baked pudding until puffed and golden for about 1hr 15 minutes.
• Cool it slightly and then you can serve it with spiced rum sauce.
Preparation of Spiced Rum Sauce is as follows:
The ingredients are: ½ cup whipping cream, ½ cup unsalted butter, 1 cup golden brown sugar (packed), 2 tablespoons of dark rum and ¾ tablespoon ground cinnamon.
Its preparation is as follows:
• Take a heavy medium saucepan. Stir the brown sugar and butter over medium heat until it gets melted down.
• Heat for about 2 mi
• Now add rum, cream, and cinnamon and lower the gas flame.
• Simmer for about 5 minutes until the sauce gets thick and get reduced to 1 ½ cups.
• The spiced rum sauce is ready to serve.

Clams Casino:

The ingredients for this recipe are: 1 tablespoon olive oil, 4 slices of lean bacon, chopped fine, 1 large garlic clove, minced, 1 teaspoon wine vinegar, 1/2 cup chopped onion, 1/2 cup finely diced green bell pepper, 1/2 cup finely diced red bell pepper, 1 tablespoon freshly grated Parmesan, 1/4 teaspoon dried orégano, crumbled, 12 medium (2 1/2-inch) hard-shelled clams, shucked and the bottom shells reserved and coarse salt for filling the pan and platter.
• Cook the bacon over moderate heat.
• Stir it until it doesn’
t get brown.
• Transfer the bacon
with a slotted spoon to paper towels and throw away the fat.
• In a skillet, pour some oil and cook onion and garlic in it over moderately low heat. It is to be cooked until they are softened.
• Add bell peppers and oregano and cook the mixture until the bell pepper gets crisp.
• Stir the bacon in this mixture and add vinegar, parmesan, salt and black pepper according to your taste. You can prepare the bell mixture a day prior to your party.
• The clams are then arranged in shells in a jelly roll pan. Fill it with some coarse salt.
• Now you can divide the bell pepper mixture among them and bake the clams in a preheated oven.
• Cook it for 12-15 minutes in the oven.
• You arrange the platters in a dish and they are ready to serve.

The Ultimate Casino Glossary


Action - The amount of money put at stake (bet) by a player during an entire session.

Active Player – The player who is still in play in poker.

Add-on - Facility to buy additional chips in tournaments (In poker).

Aggregate Limit – The total payout liability of a casino during one game.

Aggregate Winnings - Total or cumulative winnings.

All-in (Also known as "Going All-In") - In card room poker, to bet all your chips. If another player bets more chips than you have in a No Limit game, you can go All-in and stake your total stack against an equivalent amount of your opponent's stack.

All or Nothing – A ticket that only pays if either all picked numbers are drawn or none of the picked numbers are drawn (Keno).

Ante - A wager required to begin a hand. The initial essential bet before you receive the cards in Casino Stud Poker.

Arcade Casino – Also known as Automat Hub.

Arm – In craps a term used to denote a player who is so skilled at throwing the dice so as to be able to alter the conventional probabilities of the game. The existence of such individuals is debatable.

Automat Club - Also known as Arcade Casino, Videomat Casino, Slot Hall. The gambling room which has automated machines instead of a casino game operator.

This is the first in the series of articles that is part of the Casino Glossary. The consequent alphabets are coming soon.

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Your Casino Theme Party

Casinos are one of the best places for fun and enjoyment in today’s entertainment business. And wouldn’t it be great if you can have your own casino night at the comfort of your home? Organizing your very own casino themed party is easy and you can have a blast and leave guests wanting more. A bit of imagination and creativity can work wonders for your casino party.

The first thing that you need to take care for your party is the invitations. The theme of the party should be well reflected by the invitation. You can design it according to various shapes associated with the casino. The invitation can be designed as playing cards, a dealer’s hat or even a slot machine. Another innovative idea is to send fake currency notes with the invitation written on it. You can add write something like ‘A lot of money at stake…give it your best shot – Be there’ and so on. Also in the invite make sure to let the guests know that they are to come in casino attire or even fancy costumes. The basic idea is to make your guests feel comfortable at enjoy the games. You can also ask your guests to dress up as characters from various Hollywood movies based on the casino like Casino Royale.

For the ambience of the party be ready to shell out a few bucks. It would be great if you could get a real casino table, a slot machine or a roulette wheel. Many of these things are available for hire. Check out the internet and I’m sure you will find many. Give a stylish name to your casino and design and good hoarding or customized neon sign that displays the same. You can always design it with thermocol and some fancy lights to go with it.

The lighting should be stylishly done so that they complement and add to the ambience. Make sure the bar is designed like the ones in casinos. The waiters and casino game dealers can be accordingly dressed with dealer’s hats and cowboy attire. It is a good idea to have a professional bartender to serve the drinks and he too can add zing to the atmosphere with some tricks. Serve martinis and daiquiris to give the casino feel. The music should be foot tapping but not loud. You can play songs of old timers like Elvis, Sinatra and Dean Martin. The food should be light and ones which can be easily carried around. As there is going to be a lot of activity and your guests will be moving around it makes sense to serve appetizers and food which can be picked up with a toothpick. Don’t serve food which needs one to sit and eat from silverware. It will be wonderful if you could arrange for some beautiful waitresses as well. Surely a casino is lifeless without its share of attractive women.

The games are the most important aspect of your casino party and hence you should make elaborate arrangements for the same. Remember all your guests might not know to play so it is vital to make basic instructions available to them. The game dealers should be well versed in the game he or she is looking after. Roulette and craps are not that difficult to learn and card games like blackjack and poker can be easily arranged for. You can also distribute plastic chip pieces which the guests can use as money. At the end of the night the best players should be given a trophy or gifts.

These are only a few ideas to plan your casino party and make it a success. You can always improvise and make your casino night an event to remember.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Casino Couture

When it comes to casinos everybody wants to look their best. It is a notion that casinos are synonymous with high fashion. It is true to some extent considering the posh localities where they are situated and the high profile celebrities who visit them often. But that does not mean as a first timer you have to wear a Gucci or an Armani to the casino. The most important thing is to be comfortable in what you are wearing.

Casinos are all about style and panache and standing out from the crowd. Most people who go to casinos go there not to win but to have a good time and get noticed. It is very important to look smart and hot and carry yourself well. The trendiest people dress appropriately for their age. You should not stand out for the wrong reasons.

In most American casinos one will find men dressed in anything from shorts and T-shirt to tuxedos. But the most in thing is to dress in smart casuals. Casinos are not like what you see in the Bond movies. One should not overdress but still be able to get heads turning. For men it is vital to have comfortable shoes on as they help reduce the tension when you are in a crunch situation. Black is the most suited colour for most occasions and casinos are no different. The days when casinos strictly required you to wear suits and ties are gone but you are still expected to wearing something classy. Wearing a black suit and doing your hair tidily will give you the mafia look that many casino goers seem to fancy. Untucked collared shirts go well with a sport coat. Jeans are also quite acceptable only if they are of the normal fit and style. They go well with polo tees and dress shoes. Also remember to shave properly as a lot of women are impressed with a clean shaven and well dressed man. So if you are out there on the hunt let your looks do half the work.

For women it is a lot more complicated to decide what will make them conspicuous in the room. Well if you are there to win some serious money then wear what you are most comfortable in and forget about fashion. But if are there to have some fun and turn heads then get dressed to kill. Women have a wide range of choices in terms of necklines, dress or skirt lengths and accessories. Maria Puente says the "stand-out look is hot right now (USA Today)". Wear bold and bright designs such as halters, low-cut slip dresses or sexy wraps. Wear smaller prints if you are of a larger size. Leave a shining impression on the guys with your accessories. Metallic jewelery is in vogue and it should compliment your dress and not contrast it. Even if you are aging and losing your shapeliness avoid baggy clothes as they are do not leave a lasting impression. Do your hair to suit the dress you are wearing. Avoid flashy and extravagant hairdos as well as excess makeup. After all you are not dressing for a fancy dress competition. Softer colours like pink, white, ice blue and beige light up the face and give you a younger look.

Casinos have been the fashion hub of the bygone era. No wonder so many Hollywood movies had their plots in casinos. Some of the best online casino sites promote the couture associated with casinos through advertsiments and various other gimmicks. It certainly will never go out of fashion and when you do visit one make sure you look as chic as the place itself.

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Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas spells for the greatest entertainment extravaganza in the world. Also known as “Sin City”, this is where you just let your self go in the revelry of life. Life is a complete celebration here and any morose element will eventually be filled with the zest for celebrating life. Everything about Las Vegas is huge-massive casinos, huge bets, massive hotels, huge parties, and the wild and fanciful grandiose incidents and things (cakes the size of a house). Las Vegas struck gold with the expansion of casino gambling across the country. The many casino resorts cropping up throughout the place has led many associated entertainment forms to evolve like comedy and music acts, opera, stage productions, championships and many more.

Casinos are the major attractions that draw a huge number of tourists to this city which was established in 1911. Casino faculties are also found in the big hotels in the city. As one enters the hotel, you can either head for a table or your room. The most famous hotels and casinos are located in the part of Las Vegas known as Las Vegas Strip. However, the original focal point of the city’s first casinos was in the city’s downtown area, of which Fremont Street Experience has the most notable casinos. Las Vegas is reputed to have slot machines everywhere-from gas station, general stores, to airports. Its just all over the place giving one enough idea of the association of casinos with Las Vegas.

Las Vegas casinos boast of an international clientele. Film stars, tycoons, musician have all graced the casino carpets of Vegas. Gamblers simply thrill in the experience of winning and losing. Gamblers drop bundles in their dream run to jackpot hopping across an endless promenade of shops, discos, malls, food joints, operas and so on. Some of the most famous casinos of Las Vegas are Caesars Palace, Flamingo Hilton Hotel, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, The Rio, Venetian among many others. The Golden Gate Casino (1906) is the oldest casino still in operation. In its first opening, room and board fee was just $1 per day.

The man whom we can hold responsible for the beginning of modern Las Vegas is Howard Hughes, the aviation industry tycoon. When he moved to Las Vegas in 1966, he had stayed in the Desert Inn and eventually bought the entire hotel. He was shrewed enough to speculate on the popularity of casino culture and extended his empire to include hotels, real estates and media outlets. The redefining of Las Vegas as the cosmopolitan entertainment capital of the world can be attributed to him to a large extent.

The gambling styles, games and machines have frequently changed with the times to reach its current sophistication. Some of the changes that took place are the appearance of Baccarat in high-roller Strip casinos. Mechanical slot machines have become objects of interest in museums with the oncoming of electronic gaming. Online gambling is also a rage in sin city.Not only can you play games like online casino roulette, poker, blackjack and others but also interact with other players across the city. The internet has really shrunk the real world and now even a city like Las Vegas with all its glitter finds visibility on the net. Silver dollars which were once the main option of payment have been replaced with silver-dollar-size tokens. Multiple coin slot machines made its debut in the 1960s. The amount of jackpots has leaped from a few hundred dollars to ten million dollars and more. Computerized slot machines are a big hit now, featuring poker, blackjack, keno, bingo and craps.If getting most out of life is what you want, then Las Vegas casinos is the place. Indeed, it remains one of those places in the world, which you need to experience once in a lifetime.

Secrets to Winning a Casino Game

1. Know the Games!

Knowledge is Power. If you know the game well you are in with the best luck among the players. Observe and learn properly before putting your money in. You can get a lot of information online. It is always better to research and then take the plunge. At any time of the game don’t be afraid or shy to ask the dealer anything you do not understand.

2. Wine and Women don’t go with Winning!

Skimpily clad women and free drinks are the chief distractions in a casino. These are the chief weapons of the Casinos which want you to have a good time but not necessarily at their expense. After all they are there to make a profit, not to shower money on you. Free drinks are offered so as to impair the thinking and judging capacities of an individual which leads to confusion and loss. Women specially the sexy ones you see at the casino are nothing but baits for which most of the men fall. How can think when you are with a beautiful woman!

3. It’s your money after all, not your neighbour’s!

Setting a limit to your spending is always a good idea and it should be decided at home itself and not at the scene. Burning a hole through your wallet is not very pleasant and you are there to have fun and not lose what you already have. Always save the money you win and don’t re-spend it.

4. Overconfidence is Dangerous!

If you are new to the arena and you are winning big and fast then be prepared for big setbacks as well. It is always sensible to be cautious. Don’t overstep your limit. Gamble with your head and not with your heart. This moment you maybe on a roll but the very next moment might be disastrous. So leave immediately after you think you have had the share of the pie. ‘Don’t be Greedy’ – is the bottom line.

5. Its always good to be a Nobody!

If you have a hefty sum with you there will always be characters who will keep an eye on you. Never tell anyone at the casino how well you have been doing regardless of your winning or losing. Don’t expose your big money and if you have a large bankroll lock it up with the cashier until you are ready to leave.

History of Baccarat

Baccarat (pronounced bac-car-ah) is one of the oldest casino card games. It is an Italian word meaning ‘zero’ in English. The true origin of baccarat got lost in the many sources claiming to be the root of its origin. Tarochi, a game played during the middle ages with a deck of Tarot cards comes close to being the game’s predecessor. Another popular theory involves an interesting story. It is said that according to an ancient Etruscan ritual, a virgin had to throw a nine-sided die. The outcome would decide her fate. She would become a priestess if an eight or nine was thrown, she would be outlawed from any religious activities if she threw a six or a seven, and she would have to walk into the sea if she threw any number less than six.

Whatever the traditions, the game is still shrouded in an aura of mystery where the minimums are kept high. Traveling through various cities the game acquired many variations. In France it was known as Chemin de Fer, meaning ‘railroad’ and is still played with the same rules. In England it was known as “European baccarat”. The combination of European baccarat and Chemin de Fer was taken to United State in the 1950s. Today it holds it ground as being the casino’s most elegant and prestigious game. This game is a favorite with the classy Agent 007 films.

History of Poker

Poker is credited to be the world’s most popular card game. It has a long history as it evolved from various games over more than 10 centuries. The Chinese, the Egyptians, the Persians, all played early versions of card games which are the predecessors of poker. Primero, a 16th century Spanish game, was played with three cards dealt to each player and is often referred to as the “mother of poker”. The French colonialisers took the “poque”, a game originated from Primero to the new world with their arrival in Canada. In the early 19th century, a certain “cheating game” began to supplant the popular card game of the gambling circle and Jonathan Greene became particularly interested with the game. He formally named and documented the “cheating game” in his book 'An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling' giving rise to “Poker”. The Poker table gained extreme popularity and was heavily played during the Civil Wars. And now there is no looking back for poker which dominates the gambling scenario. Online casino tournaments abound with poker games which are not only high paying but also thrilling.

Online Gambling Laws

These days people are becoming more interested in gambling and betting online. Online gambling is a general term that can be used for gambling activities performed on internet. So, if you are fascinated by various gambling activities, you can find plenty on the internet. There are many popular casino games than can be played on the internet including online casino Poker, Roulette, Bingo and many more. You will find a number of paid websites on which you can pay the money for the game you want to play. However, there are websites that allow you to register for free. Furthermore, some people really find online gambling very interesting however; only few of them are aware of the rules and regulations required for indulging in such online gambling activities. It should be done with utmost care and by following the guidelines for every single game you play. Generally, people are so involved in playing such things as they fail to get themselves acquainted with the actual laws of the game. This point is very important as far as online gambling activities are concerned. However, these rules are quiet simple and easy to understand. Some of the core laws related to internet gambling is extracted from the Federal Wire Wager Act. This act clearly states that both the recipient and the user will be fined in case of violation of such rules.

The age limit is one of the most stringent rules or laws that have to be followed. In order to indulge yourself in online gambling activities you should be 18 years of age or above. These terms and conditions are also available in some of the websites. Moreover, if the player wants to bet the he or she should have an active online account and can be opened at the time when the player deposits the money for playing. Such accounts are mandatory otherwise; the player is not allowed to bet. This online gambling industry is expanding and thus people try and evolve new and mandatory regulations.

Casinos and Tourism

Casinos are constantly changing the world’s history by involving more and more people in the facility that houses and have room for various gambling activities. Casinos have become very famous from past few years and are most commonly structured in 5 or 7 star hotels, restaurants and in other major tourist attractions. If we talk about casinos and tourism together then we will find that both these terms share a very strong and common bond with each other. Both these terms go hand in hand as casinos are well flourishing just because of the number of tourists has been increased from past few years and if we consider it vice-versa then, tourism is increased because there are major attractions like casinos. Today, if we look at the figures then there are more than 4000 casinos all over the world. This billion dollar industry is attracting tourists from around the globe thus, making great tourism plans.

Casinos and tourism together represent a multi-faceted world where harmony, variety; gaming and entertainment are merged together. Casinos have promoted tourism in each and every sense. Along with this, the billion dollar industry has also promoted hospitality industry which is again related to tourism in one or the other way. This has attracted players from different parts of the world to draw attention and tourism in order to heighten the local economy of the country or the city. Moreover, tourism is not the sole purpose of structuring of well known casinos in the world; rather it also proves beneficial in providing a wide range of leisure and entertainment activities. If we talk about various gambling activities done in casinos it not only means that we are discussing the increment in the tourist industry but we are also talking about the import substitution activity. His casino development will surely have a positive impact on various existing forms of entertainment.

Lately the concept of online casino has emerged and people have started making use of this concept. With more and more people using internet these days such online gambling activities have gained immense power as now this has been turned into a high quality industry. Now with the emergence of online casinos, you don’t have to go to your nearest casino. You can just play it online by just sitting in your own comfort zone. Most of the online casinos have variety of games including slot machines, black jack, internet roulette, and many more to choose from. As far as the tourism industry is concerned it might not get any benefit from such online casinos but the economy of the state might reach at par with other economies in the world. Thus, we have now understood the importance of casinos and tourism together.

Friday, July 11, 2008

History of Blackjack

Blackjack first originated during the 17th century in France, from a game called Vingt En Un which was played in French casinos. It means “21” in French. Though this was the origin, the rules differ from present-day blackjack. The English name Blackjack came to be from a special feature of the French game where a player received one bonus payout when one had a hand of a Jack and an Ace of Spaces, which is why Black Jack. After the French Revolution, there was another change in the games as it migrated to North America. It was there that the blackjack basic strategy was developed and gained immense popularity. However at the beginning of the 19th century the US government banned the game on the condition that it corrupted society, thus pushing the game underground.

Professor Thorp’s book Beat the Dealer listed the blackjack card counting systems by applying math and science. This book was instrumental in making the popularity of the game soar. Julian Braun, an IBM employee, greatly contributed to blackjack by using computers skills and he also studied blackjack with a simulator. Ken Uston and Stanford Wong are some pioneer Blackjack players who had marveled the world with their techniques through which they won millions. The famous card counting group, MIT Blackjack Team, who without any computerized assistance made audacious winnings in the casinos during the 1990s.

And to this day, Blackjack remains one of the most popular and frequently played table games in casinos.You can try your hand at a good game at some of the online casino blackjack games.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Staking Systems

In gambling it is not always about how much you bet rather how you bet. Stakes in gambling are the vital chords towards making you rich. When you stake an amount you are technically putting it at risk and hence a well calculated risk is what you should aim for. Gambling and betting has its own nuances and to become a seasoned winner taking the help of staking systems always pays handsomely. If you are an avid internet gambler then applying the staking systems for online casino rewards should work wonders for you.

A staking system is a strategy on following which you are assured a fixed amount of profit on your bet. Staking systems are extensive in horse racing particularly though other forms of gambling also have their share. For a successful punter staking systems are indispensable and they should help one to stick to a fixed budget and be limited only to what he or she can afford. Staking plans help managing the money you have and to maximize profits and minimize the losses. It’s very important that a fixed sum is available to wager on a weekly basis. Also the staking plan should allow for losing streaks and mixed streaks. Hence it should be a foolproof mechanism against loss of finances.

A fixed stake is where one decides to bet a fixed amount each week. This amount can be placed as multiple bets as well. In the ‘Percentage of Bank’ style one has to decide what percentage of the sum he is going to put on the ground or table. Accordingly he has to plan out the strategies keeping in mind the additional risks involved. Hence on a winning run his return will be substantially greater than the returns of the fixed stake plan. In the worst case scenario and 50 percent win scenario the punter has to plan how he can get back his original sum and recuperate the losses if any.

There are many styles of staking. The most popular ones are Value Bet, 10% stake, fixed 10%, Martingale system, liability staking and ratchet laying.

The value bet plan is about staking a set amount on each selection, depending on their chance in a game.

The 10% system is staking 10% of your bank per selection. As the bank amount grows, so do your bets. With this plan you will never lose your bank.

The fixed 10% system is similar to the 10% system except that you aim to reach a certain amount with your betting bank before you increase stakes.

The Martingale System is notorious as you can lose huge amounts and hence should be applied only if you have a big betting bank. Be prepared to lose it all if things go wrong.

Liability staking plan helps you to make a decent profit over time, so long as the strike rate is good.

If you want to make money by laying horses, then you must follow the Ratchet laying staking plan.

Newer Pastures in the Gambling World

Money cannot buy you happiness but the lack of it can certainly make you unhappy. And it surely can buy a lot of other things that help you forget the miseries of life. That is one of the reasons why people gamble and professional gamblers can add many reasons to the list. Gambling has literally existed for thousands of years and will probably exist forever. It is in the human nature to take risks and dream big. Gambling is a product of this desire to come out superior in a contest monetarily, physically and otherwise. Throughout history gambling has taken many forms and today it is a multi billion dollar industry globally.

In the 50’s the gaming or gambling industry saw a major inflow of revenue with the city of Las Vegas pioneering its way to the top as the No. 1 gambling getaway in the world. Neon signs, sprawling streets, skimpily clothed showgirls add colour to the magnificent Casinos that adorn the city that never sleeps. You could go from rags to riches within minutes in this dream destination. People said being in Vegas was to live the ‘American Dream’. Very soon many other tourist destinations began to emulate the Entertainment Capital of the World. Apart from Vegas the US also has other fast breeding grounds for gamblers in the cities of Los Angeles and Atlantic City.

Today many of the top gambling destinations are located outside the US especially in the Caribbean and the Asian countries. And they are reaping the benefits of an ever increasing gambling population. Aruba in the Caribbean offers the winning combination of sand and stakes. A near perfect weather, a legal gambling age of just 18 helps this gambling getaway entice many tourists. Another rival of America’s Sin City is the Chinese gambling mecca of Macau which has not only surpassed it in terms of revenue but reputation as well. Whatever you want to play (whether it is poker, blackjack, roulette, boule, or slots),this place has it all. It boasts of the biggest Casino in the World, The Venetian Macau worth over $2.4 billion. And a wild card entry to the list is Goa in India, the only place in the country to allow gambling dens. Known for its white sand beaches and yoga ashrams, Goa today is doing brisk business in the gaming arena. Australia is among the newer entrants in the gambling scene but it has certainly notched its way up the ladder. Today it boasts of over 400 casinos and racetracks and Sydney’s Crown Casino hosts tournaments with some of the largest buy-ins in the world. France and Monte Carlo in the Mediterranean with all the glitz and rich culture also house some of the best Casinos in the world. But the casinos that are taking the gambling world by storm are not on land but on the high seas. Cruise ships feature some of the best gambling action and they certainly are a lavish way to spend your vacation.

The most exciting of all the playgrounds however is the Internet. Online casino Gambling is booming with the possibility to throw a bet anytime, anywhere. There are hundreds of sites that provide online gaming facilities and though a lot of restrictions have been imposed by various governments on this expansive industry it is here to stay. The UK was the first country to regulate and legalize online gambling and Spain is the leading country in the online scenario today. The numbers just keep growing and it will require a really heavy hand to curb this growth which seems very unlikely.

How to Get Rid of the Habit of Gambling?

Gambling is one of the banes that have afflicted mankind since the beginning of civilization. Gambling- the simple wagering of money or anything of material value- has been an activity which is allowed and at the same time needs regulation, lest it gets out of control. Throughout history gambling has had adverse social consequences and ugly incidences. Men who are compulsive gamblers have lost everything in their lives just because they had no control over their urges.

A Brief History

Starting out as a harmless way of passing the time, even the caveman was a gambler. Dice games were played in ancient Greece; though they were quick to see the negative effect it had on the citizens and banned it thereafter. The Roman Empire, on the other, at its peak, made gambling legal. Soon drinking and drugs were associated with gambling. This pushed gambling to the periphery of social activities and hence it went underground. However since betting continued, the authorities considered it wise to allow gambling, but with strings attached. Horse racing, casino games, lottery are allowed legally in most countries.

Problem Gambling

Compulsive gamblers are those who are unable to conquer the impulse to gamble, even after the knowledge that their further indulging into gambling may prove disastrous to them as well as their loved ones. Those who suffer from this problem may not gamble everyday, but it inadvertently causes major problems in their lives. The problem is not limited to finances, but can upturn a person’s social stability in terms of relations, career, self-satisfaction and so on. The problems associated with compulsive gamblers may even lead to suicidal tendencies.

After an initial bout of successful gambling, the problem gambler plays on and on and any loss, no matter how extreme, doesn’t bother him. This goes on until they lose their control with serious repercussions like losing their jobs, getting divorced, getting arrested, and drug abuse and even losing their lives, are bound to catch up.

Get Rid of It and Get Back Your Life

Self-help is something you will get faster than any other help. So the first step in getting back to normal life would be to identify the problem yourself and speak out. Whenever the urge to gamble occurs, one should immediately speak to loved ones and make plans about something or the other. One should keep postponing the gambling event and indulge more in outdoor activities. They should ask any of the family members to take over the finances and the gambler should keep minimal cash with him. And he should feel free to reach out to any help whenever required.

Getting rid of gambling addiction is a tough call and a person requires immense self-discipline and motivation to go through the recovery process. There are a whole lot of professional centers which can provide the requisite change. Such treatments usually involve counseling, peer-help, self-help and a combination of all these. Gamblers Anonymous is a step-based program with a mutual support approach that proves very effective in curing compulsive gamblers. The most important onus of the treatment process lies with the person’s decisions to get the change. Unbelievable, but a majority of the people who change their addictive behaviors have done so on their own, with little or no formal treatment.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

History of Casino

Gambling or a game of chance has enthralled men for ages. The history of nations is replete with tales of exploits of gambling in one form or another. Gambling is intrinsically embedded in man. Originally, the term Casino signified a “little house” within a larger Italian villa, built for the purpose of providing music and dance. In the 19th century it came to be associated with public buildings where among other pleasurable activities, gambling was also played. Today, casinos are a stark contrast to its humble beginning. The tinkling noise of slot a machine paying out, the blinking lights, the non-stop games, glamorous people and so on define a typical picture of a casino now.

Casino gambling has a fascinating history. Gambling has been supported by most cultures across the ages. Historical evidence suggests that gambling originated in China dating to 2300 B.C. Gambling has played a significant role in the history of nations. The great battle in the Indian epic, Mahabharata, starts over a game of dice. Casino came to be about because of men’s love for gambling. One of the earliest known casinos was established in Venice in 1638. In the present day, Los Angeles is the topographic point for casinos. In the United States, gambling is a large mainstay and casinos were initially known as “saloons” in American history. The creation of the cities of New Orleans, St. Louis, Chicago and San Francisco contributed to the boom of casinos in the region. These saloons provided travellers to halt and relax by gambling, drinking and talk to people, basically have a good time. It is amazing to know that gambling was banned by state legislation towards the early part of the twentieth century. However, in 1931, gambling was legalised in the states of Nevada and Las Vegas.

Monaco is another place which comes to mind when one speaks of gambling. Here casinos have been prevalent since 1861 and casino gambling is considered to be one of the splendors of the place. Other places such as South Africa, London, Australia have also joined in the casino fray. Casinos have become huge employers in these regions. It is held that Baden in Switzerland opened the first casino in the world. Casinos have, within a very short span of time, become a major entertainment industry in the world.

Casino gambling has seen many incarnations over the years. Man has gambled away money, estates and even nations in the thrill of casino gambling. Some of the popular forms casino games in the present day are poker, slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps, pai gow, kino and many more.
Playing Cards: The Chinese is said to have invented the playing cards. The four decked cards were evolved in the Islamic world and the Europeans brought it out to the rest of the world. The present-day designs of the cards were invented by the French.

Blackjack - This game came from France and headed towards the United States where it gained popularity. The name comes from an earlier version of the game where a player who had a black jack of spades and a black ace of spades would receive a payoff of 10 to 1.

Slot Machine- Slot machines are the trademark of casino gambling all over the world. It originated in the United States in the beginning of the twentieth century and was quick to find acceptance all over the world. Nowadays one can even play on the internet. Online casino slots are quite a rage among the young and old alike around the world and its attracting quite a lot of people.