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Online Casinos for Real Money

Gambling is a huge industry that provides some of the most holistic entertainment environments for individuals as well as groups. It is multi-billion dollar industry with mammoth infrastructure and employment. Land based casinos are not just places where people risk their money, win and have a good time. The striking environment tagged along with drinks, attractive women, music and huge jackpots make the customer feel like a king.

Yet it is this very environment that many are shunning today as they feel it has a negative impact on their style of playing. For serious as well as novice gamers, the Internet is the new frontier. Since the advent of the internet and its widespread access to homes and workplaces the internet gambling industry has
been growing at a rapid rate. More and more people are starting to stake their money online. In the beginning, people were apprehensive of online casinos as the verification of the genuine ones was not that easy. Also since it was a new arena altogether people found it uneasy and orthodox gamers still flocked to the land based casinos. But gradually these fears where diminished and today the internet gambling industry stands tall with over 25 million users patronizing it. In 1995, there were only 24 Internet gambling sites available online. Just over a decade later, in 2006, that number has increased to over 100 times that, to more than 2,500 Internet gambling Web sites, consisting of 1,083 online casinos, 592 sports and race-books, 532 poker rooms, 224 online bingos, 49 skill game sites, 30 betting exchanges, 25 lottery sites, and 17 backgammon sites.

Why Online Gambling?

While land based casinos are widely available more and more people are flocking the internet gambling sites mainly because of four reasons. Online gambling is comfortable as you can access it anytime and anywhere. A
lso the atmosphere and clientele of land based casinos serve as a major distraction to gamblers and many prefer avoiding them. Online gambling also helps you to adjust the pace and nature of the game play. But the most important fact is that online gambling has a potential for much bigger wins and the overall expenditures come down drastically when gambling online.

It’s Easy and Real Money!

While playing online there are a few things that one should always keep in mind. As there is a chance of sites being fraudulent one should look for some key signs which more or less guarantee the authenticity of a site. Always check for the service provider of the site as well as the licensing and the terms and conditions. Also keep your computer secure as someone else might play through your account and you might lose money. For opening a player account one needs to provide some
very confidential information. Hence it is always good to re-check for the reliability of the casino.

Online casinos are an easy way to make a lot of money if one knows how to. Therefore it is sensible to properly learn the ins and outs of the game before indulging in it. Transfer of cash into a player account is not that difficult though it is recommended not to use credits cards for the same as some sites don’t accept them. Most sites allow orders from browsers that correspond using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which ensures that your private information remains strictly private. It is advised to pay through Neteller, Eco Card, Central Coin Banking, FirePay (Surefire), Ewallet Xpress/900Pay, MoneyBookers or Click2Pay. Also some casinos have restrictions on nationals of particular countries and so one should always read the rules and regulations properly.

Money for Nothing!

Online gambling requires a very small initial investment and hence anyone can stake in them. Besides the bets are categorized keeping in mind the pockets of various customers. Thus one can bet as low as a few cents to hundreds of dollars and still stand a chance to win a jackpot. Online casinos can offer some really mammoth jackpots and the best part is that you can win them sitting at hom
e. The biggest jackpot ($220,671.64) ever won by a UK citizen was by Dan R., a computer technology advisor from Nottinghamshire. Thus all the money is up for grabs for you only if you can dedicate some amount of skills to it. Playing online can be a lot of fun and it is much easier to regulate your bet size and also take the advantage of the generous bonuses that most sites offer. Also online gaming can be very interactive and have huge range of other options to offer.

Most people who spend a lot of time on the internet engage in online gambling as well. It is very important to understand the nuances of a game and the regulatory mechanisms of the sites as they to after all are trying to make money. They wouldn’t like you to win at their expense hence there are some specific codes which restrict unlawful gameplay. It is good to be aware of them and try to play around them.

Also the withdrawal process of the money you win generally is simplified and you can convert the entire sum to cash within a span of forty eight hours without any hassles. Most online casinos ask for a certification of the account for which keeping a copy of your passport or any of your utility bills makes sense.

What lies ahead?

Playing poker, keno, blackjack, dice games such as craps, and on roulette wheels and slot machines on your computer ca
n be fun. But there have been huge outcries against online gambling as such since it tends to have some negative effects in the long run. The United States has banned any form of online gambling whereas the UK recently passed a regulatory mechanism so as to streamline the online processes.

Most governments who ban online sites do so out of a fear that they will not be able to oversee these sites directly as they are global in nature. They also fear the outreaching social consequences they might have as it is easily accessible and the youth of a nation could become severely addicted to it. Also gambling being a very addictive entertainment form could easily have a major impact on the economy of a nation and later could lead to dire consequences if the government has no ways of regulating them. All this said it is still predicted that the future of the online gambling industry is bright and there are no major hurdles as such. It is still gro
wing at a rapid pace and a few adjustments made can turn it into a positive industry. Many of the sites already have strict rules regarding the age limits of players and minors are not allowed to gamble. It is very important for the online gambling companies to keep in mind that they can survive only if their overall impact on society is positive.


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