Monday, August 4, 2008

Online Gambling in USA might become legal again

This could be a major step towards undoing the harm that has been done to the online gambling industry in the United States. The SAFE Port Act or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 left many of the online gambling industry seeking for a logical solution to the enforced ban. This act is supposed to protect the American borders in cyberspace and hence was passed almost unanimously. The after effect was to be felt by the hundreds of authentic online casinos that did brisk business with American gamblers but now were refraining from taking in American customers. Transfer of funds from a financial institution to an online casino site is prohibited by this act with a few exceptions.

But now US Republican Congressman Pete Sessions has introduced Bill HR 6663 which could be a major step in defining the otherwise ambiguous Safe Port Act. The Safe Port Act prohibited illegal online gambling but it did not define specifically as such what is illegal. The new bill could pave the way for all the companies that left the US market to re-enter it and start their business with a stamp of authenticity. Because of the ambiguity of the previous act many legitimate companies withdrew from the US market and thus the stature of the companies degraded greatly in the public sphere. All this might be undone in the present scenario and the actual fake companies who are still thriving with the help of unscrupulous means will be prosecuted.

This bill if passed will be beneficial for the personal freedom of the Americans as they will be able to place bets without any hassles. This will also help to differentiate between sports betting and online gambling as sports betting is seen to be harmful to the spirit of sportsmanship and integrity of professional and amateur sports. Online gambling specially through online casinos is totally different from sports betting and hence should not be penalized. In fact many UK based online casino companies had been listed in the London Stock Exchange thus reflecting a high degree of transparency and enquiry. Fraud or unscrupulous means from such companies was not expected but still they had to withdraw because of the previous law. The bill will also facilitate clear cut online payment processes thus uplifting the reputation of the online gambling industry.

However many industry experts are critical of the bill as well as they think it might actually work the other way around. Thus as in the case of Bodog companies which have both sports betting and online poker might face the brunt even if their operations are legal. Thus there are certain hurdles which need to be taken care of to make the laws more lucid. Online gambling is a flourishing industry and it is still at its nascent stage as of now. Playing at a casino online is slowly becoming very popular throughout the world. However It needs proper guidance and reforms so that the processes become smooth and people get full worth of their money. Banning is not a solution to the problem and the only way to validate it is by putting it under a proper law and regulatory authority.


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